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Subject: UKNM: Wimps?
From: Richard Houston
Date: Sun, 25 Oct 1998 15:37:08 GMT

Hello all,

With one or two exceptions, the quality of postings on the list is *dire* at
the moment, isn't it?

> "My site's better than your site"
> "Yeah, but look at this wacky design. It's really kewl."
> "No, I saw it first"
> "I could do better in my sleep"
> "Could"
> "Couldn't"
> and so on. ZZZzzzzzzzz.

And while we shoe-gaze, we are being colonised. Within hours of one other,
Amazon arrives, Expedia arrives, Razorfish swallows up (sorry "merges with")

Friday afternoon it may be, but I find this a bit depressing. Are we going
to just lie down and take it? Do we suffer from a fundamental lack of
ambition this side of the water? Maybe David Bentey, Jim Sterne or someone
else with lots of air miles could give us the benefit of their
trans-atlantic wisdom.

-- in case anyone feels childish enough to have a pop at me for working for
a US owned company, please don't bother. we know you know. well done --

Grumpy. Sorry.

Richard Houston

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