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Subject: Re: UKNM: Three cheers Amazon UK
From: Sajid Mohammed
Date: Fri, 30 Oct 1998 17:43:23 +0000 (GMT)

It is technically illegal for a UK retailer to sell US editions of
books that have a UK edition in print, so any retailer operating in
this country would be obligated to sell UK editions, regardless of any
cost saving.

It has been alleged that Borders have been unintentionally infringing
the law on this one by selling US editions that they have imported
into the UK with their own fair hands...I don't think PC Plod has
caught onto them yet though.

Whether this practice is of earth-shattering consequence is hard to
tell, as it would seem that many big publishers are part of a global
operation (e.g. HarperCollins are part of Murdoch's empire) so in the
big scheme of things a sale is a sale.

Once again, the Net renders borders useless...(not a pun, I promise)

Sajid Mohammed

---Nick Sweeney <nsweeneyatjesus [dot] ox [dot] ac [dot] uk> wrote:
> > The only ones that Amazon.co.uk sell are ones that aren't
available as UK
> > editions - something to do with the way that publishing contracts
carve up
> > territories. So they sell all UK books in print (about 1.2 million
titles) and
> > about 200,000 US titles.
> Not quite so - if you look, for instance, for Po Bronson's novels,
> see that there's a choice between the two, and quite a saving to be
> on the US editions. That said, they're much tackier-looking than the
> ones.
> Nick
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  Re: UKNM: Three cheers Amazon UK, Nick Sweeney

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