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Subject: RE: Loosemore's law (was UKNM: Fast-loading sites)
From: Tomski
Date: Tue, 19 Oct 1999 15:43:14 +0100

>if anyone could get hold of the user-testing or surveys from the BT aDSL
>trial - is it published?? All i've got hold of are rupert goodwins'
>anecdotes about it... but Goodwins, Loosemore - and anyone who is on a
>xdsl/cablemodem/whatever at home aren't exactly 'typical users'

problem is, most 'typical users' of broadband services at the moment are
heavy-user internet-savvy early adopters, precisely because they recognise
the value of flat free fat pipe always on - more 'normal' users are really
thin on the ground.
we're about to do user surveys, but i don't trust the results nearly as
much as with proper sit-and-watch-what-the-punter-does user testing.

however, if you own the backbone (like chello does), you can learn lots
abut browsing habits for *all* site by analysing proxy logs, but i don't
feel happy about doing this from a privacy angle.

> > Now would be a good time, Tom, to admit it if it's not an original.
>yes, tom.
>it would.

aw matt, gis a chance - the only loosemore to make a name for himself was
john of bishops nympton (1616-1681), who designed the frigging organ in
exeter cathedral.
your own much-heralded prowess with the organ has *already* assured your
immortality. (like, when's the film out? )

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