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Subject: No Subject
From: John Mandia
Date: Wed, 20 Oct 1999 13:06:37 +0100

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Subject: UKNM: Business 2 Business E-commerce Sites
Date: Wed, 20 Oct 1999 12:01:17 -0000
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Hi All,

This is my first posting to this list but I must say that it's been
insightful to say the least.

I am currently looking into Business to Business E-Commerce Sites that try
to provide every product a business may need i.e. Office Furniture, I.T
Equipment, Pens, Paper etc.

I know about a product called BuySite from Commerceone but this is a product
rather than an actual site being hosted by someone.

I've done a search and found a few but what I'm really trying to find out is
which are the best B2B sites on the Net.

I've found http://www.chemdex.com/ which is supposed to be the leading
provider of business-to-business e-commerce solutions for the life sciences

Do you know of any other sites that have been voted or are considered to be
the best around?


John M

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