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Subject: UKNM: RE: Marbles and Jungles
From: John Braithwaite
Date: Fri, 29 Oct 1999 15:16:08 +0100

Being in the process of launching a site - I wouldn't like to be too
derogatory about any other site - especially in the knowledge that it ain't
as easy as it looks and it DEFINITELY isn't WYSIWYG. But Marbles and Jungle
(should) have had a significant amount of wedge thrown at them to get it

Marbles (the PR company) - has anyone checked which bank/BS they refer you
two? I assume that it isn't Marbles (or should I say 'getmarbles.com'?).
getmarbles should have taken the necessary action first, but made a classic
top ten ranking Internet fudge-up (only behind mis-printing a domain name in
advertising material).

Jungle - I applied for a special prize and have heard nothing since. I was
so pleased to be one of the torrent of customers their give-away brought in,
unfortunately my information has 'ceased to be'.... I think that must be the
case, but I'm not sure considering all the messages seen on this list. I am
looking forward to receiving an email from Jungle in about April 2000 saying
something like: "Thank you so much for your order 24 hours ago... what was
it that you wanted again?" or perhaps I expect my Credit Card to be debited
for no apparent reason!
Not only this - but I have been in the Market to replace my Laptop and I
thought I would check out Jungle. Oooooh - look at that: a SPECIAL price on
a Toshiba.... let's have a look at the spec.... or rather lets be forwarded
to the Manufacturers site and have a generic page AND FIND OUT ABSOLUTELY
may not contain: A processor, RAM, Hard Disk etc. There is no detail of
actually what is in the c. 1,200 price shown. I think it's pretty sloppy to
do that and I can be sure that I will not be purchasing from them: surely
one of the first rules of selling hardware is to give a spec on a machine?

Anyway, rant over, I'm sure Jungle will be displaying the proper spec for a
PC, but they haven't had the chance to do it yet??!!

John B

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