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Subject: Re: UKNM: re. dotcom team building
From: Speechrad
Date: Fri, 27 Oct 2000 14:09:10 +0100

Not only do I want to see this I want to webcast it on a pay-per-view basis.
This is the 'killer application' that would make me move from audio to
What price are you setting on the webcast rights?
Michael Trott

In a message dated 26/10/00 18:48:08 GMT Daylight Time,
nick [dot] berryatadvertwizard [dot] com writes:

We could have teams from competing agencies or just a free for all. We can
find a venue (around London), sort out a programme and chip in a bit of
cash for a BBQ/few drinks afterwards. Emphasis on fun and getting to meet
people (it would make a change to hiding behind emails). We'd need a fair
few people willing to do it, someone to share the cost (if its worth doing,
its worth doing well), and some idea of the sorts of things people would be
willing to do;
5 a-side football
golf challenge
touch rugby
'live' table football
throw the welly
its-a-knockout obstacle race

and anything particularly new media;
outrun the bank manager
resist eating the donut contest
(obviously more and better ideas needed here...)

Would people be up for this ? Rely to me directly or through the list and
I'll let people know the overwhelming/underwhelming response


nick >>

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