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Subject: UKNM: pax
From: Richard Houston
Date: Mon, 21 Sep 1998 19:39:30 +0100


without wanting to add insult to injury (heh, heh), i thought it may be
interesting to discover what people actually think of these in-cybercafe
advertising models.

in a former life, i had a hand in a "campaign" on olive's system and i have
to say i didn't rate it much. admittedly it was some time ago, but i
remember thinking that i'd get more "impressions" by printing some
stickers-with-URL's-on, and physically slapping them on the monitor casing.

facetious? yes. libellous? let's hope not.

all the best,

Richard Houston.
Account Planner, Brann Interactive.
T: 0171 806 7000
M: 0961 116 059

  Re: UKNM: pax, Aidan Cook

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