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Subject: Posting policy: RE: UKNM: Banner Creatives
From: Robert Hamilton
Date: Tue, 22 Sep 1998 15:06:27 +0100

Hi all,

While there are libel writs in the environs of UKNM, just a comment which I
was discussing with someone the other day (IRL).

Lots of the posts to this list don't have sigs on them, and though I'm sure
a great many important people know who Bill Cartwright (for example) is,
I don't. Sorry Bill but before I reply to something like that I'd like
to know what your angle might be. I'd rather not have to pester Sam to
try to find out, or bother everyone else on the list by posting a "Who
wants to know?" message!

It may even be that Bill doesn't know who I am. But at least he's got a
fighting chance of finding out if he really wants to know.

So, a company name, phone number, email address, or inside leg measurement
to identify individual posters would help, and I dare say it might even
improve response rates.

Paranoid, moi?


Robert Hamilton : robertatbrandwidth [dot] co [dot] uk
Creative Consultant, brandwidth
0171 697 0049
0973 989 208

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Subject: UKNM: Banner Creatives

Can someone on this list tell me who the best banner creative
designers or programmers are in the UK? (and why - pref. with links to
some of the work)


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  UKNM: Banner Creatives, bill cartright

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