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From: Steve Johnston
Date: Tue, 22 Sep 1998 17:51:34 +0100

Surely this whole project is an Energis brainwave.

I know Dixons claim ownership, but look at the numbers. Acquire Planet Online, Offer free internet access on Energis owned Local numbers to pick up the call charges. Offer up Planet Online tech support on a Premium Rate number, and bingo, it should pay for itself - who knows? I'd love to see the business plan. The portal stuff is probably a waste of money/PA's time - any PA comment please?

<knee jerk>The whole thing is brilliant. BT Click is a good idea, but Freeserve is new-generation Telco-thinking. Sock it to 'em.</knee jerk>

I'm picking up a CD from Dixons on The Strand at about 6.25pm - it closes at 6.30pm - see you there.


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On 22/09/98, at 15:20, Martin Reeves wrote:

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>>With Freeserve, users get:
>>FREE unlimited internet access
>The only catch I could find (and there had to be one!):
>'Helpdesk charges, 1 per minute!'
>BTW the URL is http://www.freeserve.net/
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