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Subject: UKNM: International business
From: Ray Taylor
Date: Wed, 23 Sep 1998 18:12:45 +0100

Bradley Crooks <bradleyatforesight [dot] co [dot] uk> said:

>The really interesting point from a UK/international perspective
>of course is how hard it is to break into the French market - it is
>very insular. This is not restricted to the Internet and many
>International companies have had to 'go into' France on partnership
>deals with French companies to be successful.

The best way to exploit foreign markets has always been through local agents
or partner companies. Language is of course an issue and it is always a
problem to try to convince some clients (particularly in the US) that French
people use French on the Internet, Germans use German, etc., and hence use
services provided in their own languages. When we run international
campaigns for clients we usually use local consultants in each target
country to get over any problems of language and culture, and it is more of
a cultural issue than a language one.

Making the awful presumption that English is only language of importance on
the Internet will get you nowhere. Especially when you consider that some
15% of the online population in the USA speak Spanish as a first language.

Ray Taylor

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