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Subject: Re: UKNM: Easy connections
From: Stefan Magdalinski
Date: Mon, 28 Sep 1998 14:46:01 +0100

Ray Taylor wrote:
> Stefan Magdalinski <stefanatisness [dot] org> wrote:
> >Hello? Have you *ever* bought anything from Dixons group? I agree that
> >freeserve is well-designed, well-executed, and a brilliant coup, but
> >Dixons are a terrible retailer with little incentive to get better
> >because they have an effective monopoly on the UK market in electrical
> >goods.
> >
> Just because Dixons employs people in their stores who have trouble getting
> out of bed in the morning doesn't make them a terrible retailer. Dixons is
> one of the best retailers at merchandising electronic products (selling lots
> at high prices), but like that other successful company News International,
> they make few friends.

sorry for my error. We obviously come from different planets. I read

"It's because retailers know what a customer is and
are used to dealing with large numbers of them and don't turn them away
because their IQs are less than 130"

as a suggestion that they were good relative to the UK ISPs because of
good customer service, helpful support etc (backed up by the fact that
you berate the ISPs for their failure in these precise areas) rather
than than expression of admiration at their clever exploitation of
more-or-less monopoly position in the marketplace and the stupidity of
their clientele.

> But I did not say I thought their new service was
> great. I haven't looked at their offering yet so have no opinion on the
> subject.

it is actually very good. Although I suspect that has more to do with
Planet and Energis' savvy than the creators of http://www.dixons.co.uk

> >The primary thing Dixons are trying to do is *avoid* helping new users.
> You are right, and this is their big mistake. They obviously let Planet
> dictate the policy here. All trad ISPs see customers as a problem to be rid
> of at all costs.

55,000 users as of this morning? already the 6th biggest ISP? A business
model that makes sense? I wish I made mistakes like this on a regular

> More likely online retail will help Dixons to close some high-street stores,
> increase their margins, and revalidate their retail business model online.

fine by me. but I bet they'll be forced to cut prices and offer better

> The thing about lousy shops like Dixons' is that you can always walk into
> another shop down the road. With UK ISPs, they are all crap (at least until

The problem with the shop down the road is that for most of the
population it is just as lousy, and a fair chance that it's actually the
same retailer.

> Incidentally, I am planning to launch a brand new ISP service early next
> year that will allow consuers to dial into the Internet on a freephone
> number, no monthly charge, unlimited access, free unlimited technical
> support via 0800 number, and we will give away a free digital TV set to all
> new subscribers. Anyone interested in investing in this project please let
> me know.

No, but I'll come and get drunk at the launch.

> Ray Taylor

Stefan Magdalinski m 0370 67 70 58
stefanatisness [dot] org h 0171 580 0831
it's isness as usual... **/

  Re: UKNM: Easy connections, Ray Taylor

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