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From: Danny O'Brien
Date: Tue, 29 Sep 1998 09:32:41 +0100

On Mon, Sep 28, 1998 at 06:18:41PM +0100, Stefan Magdalinski wrote:
> Leigh Blue Caldwell wrote:
> > I didn't read NTK last week, but my trusty Mental Arithmetic Device
> > (not trademarked, patent not pending) indicates the following:
> > 10 per second * 86,400 seconds per day = 864,000 users per day
> > By 9 am Friday, this would be already 3.5 times the "by Christmas"
> > figure. By now, there would be 3.75 million users and the UK Internet
> > population would either be about doubled, or every one of them in
> > possession of a spare account.
> >
> > Is it at all possible that this NTK item, unlike all the others, was
> > intended in a vaguely humorous, ironic, exaggerated or tongue-in-cheek
> > manner? No, silly idea.
> 10/sec = peak, not average, probably.
> and Danny, I think this young lovely is calling you a liar.

I think they're (fairly) pointing out that the "tenner-a-second" figure is
unsustainable. Wish I'd have been bothered to do the mathematics on it - it
would have made for a much better punchline.


Now, if I'd been told the figures were doubling every day, then we could have
had some real fun...

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