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Subject: Re: UKNM: Search Engines
From: Lard
Date: Tue, 29 Sep 1998 18:05:54 +0100

I've recommended Eric to UKNM before - he did great stuff for me on


>>by hand, sometimes several times over. That's because 99% of your traffic is
>>likely to come from these, 1% the rest, and most of the major search engines
>As one of the very first members of the submission
>industry, over 5 years ago, before Yahoo.com existed,
>before any submission bots and any submission services, I
>assure you that the above kind of thinking is exactly what
>kills most web sites. In fact, if 99% of your traffic is
>coming from the biggest 7-10 search engines, then this
>means you have done a poor job marketing your site. It
>also means that you are at the mercy of these engines to
>keep that traffic flow coming. Which means if you lose
>precious ranking at a couple of them, you just lost 30 or
>40% or more of your traffic. Ouch. I've seen that
>literally put people out of business who depended on a
>Yahoo listing for nearly all traffic. Sure, be happy
>while it lasts, but be building for the future, for it
>*will* go away.
>A more strategic approach is to methodically build an
>ongoing network of inbound links at sites that represent
>the most appropriate outlets where your desired site
>visitors can be found. Sure, you need to be listed with
>the big engines, but I would rather be getting 30% of my
>traffic from the big engines and the remaining 70% from a
>collection of inbound links at other sites that are a
>match for my content. Then if I lose an engine, it isn't
>a crisis.
>Yes the portal engines matter a great deal, but you can
>build a site's audience wihout ever submitting to any of
>them, if you focus on your niche. Done it.
>Best wishes, -Eric Ward
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