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Subject: Re: UKNM: just one last rant on... browser compatibility - that old chestnut
From: Felix Velarde
Date: Thu, 23 Sep 1999 12:09:25 +0100

On 21/9/99 I read:

>Luckily we don't really need to cater to v3 of the browsers but, we
>still try to. Postmaster has under 5% accessing with v3 or lower.

have you run any analysis on the proportionate spend of those with
older browsers?

it seems to me from my limited experience of, say,
business-to-business e-commerce that the older the browser, the
longer the user has been on line, the more comfortable the user is
with online transactions... that's not even considering the thought
that the older the browser, the more likely the user to be in
education (which if you sell books might be worth a tiny amount of

it takes only netscape 2.02 to make something look amazing and give
all the possible functionality (that is to say not frills) that may
be required. Head New Media has never produced a site in Flash for
any of its commercial clients (we can't justify pissing people off
that much), we've never used ActiveX, we've never used frames, and we
only just use JavaScript (to add completely non-essential frills like
rollovers on obvious buttons). The only time we ever use deeply
high-tech stuff commercially is for interactive TV, which is pretty
much blue-sky anyway from a consumer's point of view. But we're still
known for producing lush high-end sites, despite our
lowest-common-denominator approach to browser technology.

you're right, you don't really need to consider these people. but the
ones who do will get all their business; the lumbering consumers,
like mothers with children at the checkout, are the ones weighed down
by spending power.

Felix Velarde

CEO Head New Media

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