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Subject: UKNM: databases, n3 magazine
From: Jamie King
Date: Fri, 24 Sep 1999 20:46:04 +0100

Hi all,

I need to get together a list of marketing and brand management people at
'Top 1000' and at the Top 1000 digital (NASDAQ?) companies - also a list of
the same Times 1000 or UK companies. Anyone have ideas on the best place to
buy in such a database, or have such a list which they'd like to sell or

While I'm at it, and by way of a return favour, if anyone would like to
receive a free bimonthly issue of 'n3' (i.e., NetNames News), a magazine
which provides a complete run down of online IP, domain name management and
legal issues and the technical and legal management of brands online, don't
hesitate to drop me a line. The magazine, which is expanding as you may
guess from the above, has all the latest on ICANN meetings, domain
litigation, new domains etc. etc. I dare say it could prove a useful read
for some of you on the list.

All the best,

Jamie King

editor, n3 magazine.

>j j k i n g<
jamieatjamie [dot] com

t. +44 [0] 171 375 1404
f. 171 377 9520

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