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From: D.Visions Limited
Date: Tue, 28 Sep 1999 12:58:37 +0100

As I'm sure other search engine specialists will tell you: Yahoo
is very very important and its not a search engine; its a
directory. Many SE specialists seem to offer Yahoo submission
as part of the service. Very good of them but also very risky.

One mistake and you're ****ed. We advise our clients to do it
themselves, with our handholding.

In the spirit of sharing etc. here's the advice we give them, a
combination of tips from greater minds that have gone before and
our own 'personal' touches.

Good luck.

Visit the main Yahoo site or a regional site (as appropriate).
Carefully find the page that best fits your site. Then click on the
ADD URL button on that page and make your submission.
Take your time, and carefully read their suggestions on how to
submit. They REALLY mean it. Follow their instructions to the
absolute letter, as if they were inscribed on stone tablets handed
down from above. If you break the rules (for example, using
numbers or brand names in your descriptions), forget about
getting in. Read those rules. Re-read them. Re-read them
again, out loud and once more for good measure.

The most common mistake people make is that the site title and
description read like promotional ad copy. Big NO NO!
What Yahoo wants, nay demands, is a descriptive title and
description. No hype allowed! And if you can make your
description one sentence of at most 15-20 words, you're less
likely to have it edited down.

Make the job of the Yahoo reviewer easier; for example, use the
"comments" field in the application form to point out special
things about your site that the reviewer ought to look at.

Two CRUCIAL tips: first, Yahoo lists sites alphabetically by
TITLE. So if you can come up with a plausible title for your site
that starts with a number or the letter A, B or C, go for it.

Second and more important, searches on Yahoo will find your
site if the search words appear in the title, description or URL.
So make sure all the important keywords are in the description
and title! Work them into the text in a natural way -- a list of
keywords isn't acceptable! Because your title will often get
edited, make sure the really crucial keywords are in the
description. And if you can get a domain name that has
your major keywords in it, even better, because they can't
edit your URL!

Keep in mind also that Yahoo searches for strings, not words,
so if you can embed keywords inside other words, even better!
So spending some time crafting a good description is definitely
worth it. This advice also applies to many of the indexes as well.

You may also want to read Yahoo's advice on how to submit to
them, which is cunningly hidden on their website. Try looking at
their Help Index and their Submission Tutorial.

NOTE: This considered advice is given in the spirit of sharing. We accept no
responsibility for failure to achieve ranking (estimates say that over 90%
of submissions are turned down!) Each project we take on is looked at
individually and therefore requires bespoke assistance.

For our full , fixed fee, directory,index and search engine promotion service for
UNLIMITED keywords and phrases see

resellers welcome !

robin gurney
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