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Subject: UKNM: itnetwork.com - hmmm, what's going on here then?
From: Kevin Rice
Date: Thu, 30 Sep 1999 18:28:41 +0100

'lo all,

Anybody received a message recently from www.itnetworks.com ? or have I been
*specially selected* for the pleasure?

Apparantly my account is now open (that's a weight off my mind!) and my
username and password have been set to strings clearly derived from the
email address to which they sent the message (not the email address from
which I am sending this!).

On entering my account (that was probably a mistake!) I discovered that they
have my job title (one of them) and some basic contact details such as
company, telephone, fax.

Now it's always possible that I've surfed myself into a stupor and simply
don't remember signing-up, but the evidence suggests otherwise, as I would
*NEVER* have chosen the username and password which were mailed to me.

Any other UKNM'ers received one of these?
Anybody from www.itnetworks.com on the list? - if so, do you fancy telling
me from where my details were acquired?

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