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Subject: UKNM: Re: Mailing list management software
From: Tim Ireland
Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2000 15:10:27 +0100

"mark whitmore" <markatswordfish [dot] co [dot] uk> asked:
> One of our clients has asked us to recommend a software package that will
take care of their e-mail list in-house for them (for e-zines, viral
marketing and other announcements).
> Can anyone recommend a low-cost, simple, product for them please?

Gosh, Sam - aren't we going to get a rec. from you? UKNM has been awfully
zippy of late...

[Sam says: sorry this isn't a proper reply, tomorrow's networking do is
keeping me rather busy, I'll respond properly later in the week...but as a
quickie...UKNM uses a heavily customised version of Majordomo with a lot of
scripts to make the administration quicker. Lyris is a good option and it is
likely that UKNM will migrate to this platform in the next couple of months.
Lyris is heavily cutomisable and is much easier to install and configure.
I'd also seriously consider ASP solutions such as Exactis or Mail-Ignite
(not that I've used either personally) for speed of getting up and running.
<plug>Chinwag can also help putting such beasts together.</plug>]

Tim Ireland

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  UKNM: Mailing list management software, mark whitmore

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