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Subject: UKNM: Re: Banner ads
From: Andrew Broadhurst
Date: Fri, 29 Sep 2000 12:53:32 +0100

The discussion about how good / bad banner advertising seems to be focused
on the banner ad as a separate part of a marketing plan. Banner ads have
there own positives and negatives, but it is more of the question of how
they are used and what the objectives are for using them. There seems to be
comment on online media planners / buyers not being as effective as they
could be, but little suggestion on how they could be more effective. Thought
this might open further discussion.

IMHO I believe that banner ads used within the context of an integrated
marketing campaign will be as effective as they ever can be.

Consider this, traditional advertising can be used for the brand building of
an e-business, yet it works in a different 'space' to that of where the
consumer will actually be able to get to the site. The consumer will take in
the ad but will be unable to respond to it. They will go away and probably
not think about it next time they are online.

Subliminally the consumer will have made a mental note of the ad and next
time the consumer is online they see banner ad in front of them reinforcing
what they have already seen - then action (click through) may take place.

Probably not ground breaking stuff, but does anyone have their opinion on
how banner ads can be used more effectively?

Best Regards


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