Chinwag Psych Interview: Cat Jones, Unruly Media “Go Forth and Amplify.”

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Chinwag Psych was a huge success, with a fantastic selection of great speakers sharing insights into how psychology, neuroscience and machine learning can open new avenues for business.

One of the day's speakers, Cat Jones, talks to Chinwag about her presentation.

As many of us online become accustomed to social sharing, it’s no surprise that there are practitioners looking into how it can be exploited.

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Neuromagic and Psychological Alien Detection: Get your head around this!

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Not long now until the Chinwag Psych event on May 9. If you don’t have your ticket yet you can still grab one here.

Meanwhile, whether you can attend the event or if you’re just interested in a little reading on the topic of psychology, neuroscience and machine learning, here’s our weekly round up to get you thinking.

Happy Birthday to the father of modern neuroscience

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EyeQuant, Unruly & Draftcb: The latest ChinwagPsych speakers

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The list is complete. We have all our speakers for Chinwag Psych and it’s looking great.

Tickets are still available for the conference. Get yours here now.

Find out more about the latest additions from EyeQuant, Draftcb and Unruly Media. 

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Announcing Gender 50/50: Striving for Balance Among SMW's Global Community

SMW 50/50

Toby Daniels, Founder of Social Media Week introduces Gender 50/50 and his company's commitment to striving to keep the balance.

In the words of Sheryl Sandberg:

“Women are held back by many things: bias, lack of opportunity and lack of flexibility. We also hold ourselves back. We don’t sit at the table; we don’t raise our hands; we don’t raise our voice. I believe our world would be a better place if half our companies and half our countries were run by women.”    

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More Speakers Announced for Chinwag Psych

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Chinwag Psych (@ChinwagPsych) is fast approaching and we have more speakers to introduce you to. 

May 9th is the date and Chancery Lane the place. 

The full day conference is jam packed full of case studies, theory, insight and plenty of practical advice centred around the latest thinking and application of psychology, neuroscience and machine learning.

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Building Online Communities: 4 Key Elements

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Head of the Class

Richard Millington writes about the elements that are crucial in building online communities. He maintains that if you can identify and isolate the elements in successful communities, you can apply them to develop others successfully.

Implementing the following factors will enable the strength of the online community to rapidly improve.

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Neuromarketing? Ask Me What You Want to Know. Part 1: EEG

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Dr. David Stillwell is Science Director at Cambridge Personality Research. He will be speaking at Chinwag Psych on May 9th, but here’s a preview of his thoughts on the role of tracking Neuromarketing.

Science fiction tells us brain reading is inevitable, but current methods are woeful at providing anything but the most basic insights. The Guardian reports on ad men using brain scanners, while companies such as NeuroFocus use caps covered in electrodes (EEG) or magnetic scanners (fMRI) to find out what we’re really thinking.

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Professor Karen Pine is part of Chinwag Psych. She has previewed the event by talking about her project, Do Something Different.

I told a story recently about Mr. West, a teacher whose geography field trips consisted of him telling pupils, “Get as far away from this classroom as you can.”

My friend Jon was one of those pupils. At the age of 12 he and his mates hitchhiked 120 miles to Norwich. Mr West had told the boys to call him and reverse the charges. Yet when the operator announced the caller’s name and location, he refused the call.

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The Psychology of Sharing: 3 Things You Need to Know

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There are many psychological drivers that govern the way we share, says
Natalie Nahai, aka The Web Psychologist. These subconscious principles can be useful in creating compelling content. Here, ahead of her appearance at Chinwag Psych, she examines three of the most effective:

Social Validation

Social validation refers to our desire to develop ‘meaningful social relationships, and retain a favourable self-concept’ [1].

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Chinwag Psych: First Speakers Announced

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Chinwag Psych (@ChinwagPsych) is coming to London on Thursday May 9th

It is a conference and online publication covering psychology, neuroscience and machine learning for business and marketing.

A limited number of Early Bird tickets are now available. Get your tickets here

We are excited to be able to announce our first two speakers. Here come the girls...

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Workshop: Developing a Digital Strategy

The objective of this workshop is to help you develop a digital marketing strategy/roadmap for your business.

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Date: 26 February 2013
Location: Campus London, UK

Digital Mission Success Story - ValoBox Goes From SXSW to NYC

With just over one month till our next Digital Mission to Social Media Week in New York, it seems like a great time to look back on how one of our Mission alumnae took advantage of the countless opportunities to network and connect with like-minded individuals on a Digital Mission trip and what success it was brought them less then just two years later.  

Anna and her colleague Oli, come along on the Digital Mission to SXSW 2011 to help promote their new start-up a book publishing hub which enables writers to access professional design, printing and distribution services and use the power of the web to promote their books. 

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You, inc - Three Tips on How to Market Yourself and Get a Job

Search for a job online

Hunting for a job can feel like a never ending cycle of CVs, applications forms and tears of desperation. Add to the mix, a diet of emergency biscuits and daytime TV and the job search could feel like a unique punishment inflicted on to the innocent.

With such fierce competition, marketing yourself online can help you to cut through the masses and become the victor. But where to start? Handily, we've come up with three easy ways of using social media to get ahead in the job hunting game.

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Bloggers Add More Value Than You Know

2000 Bloggers collage by Elaine Vigneault

A lot of people talk about blogger outreach but what does it mean and how does it add value? Here’s an overview of what it involves, what you should expect and some tips on how to get the best results.

At its simplest level blogger outreach is the integration of blogger relationships into a Social CRM strategy. By building long-term relationships with relevant and interested bloggers it’s possible to open up a whole new means of broadcasting your message to niche audiences who are actively interested and engaged. In addition, word-of-mouth recommendations from bloggers can be very influential, especially if they have a faithful readership that trust and follow their opinions.

However, it’s worth noting that blogger outreach is one of the hardest aspects of Social CRM to get right as a poorly thought-out strategy can easily backfire and possibly even damage your brand or reputation online. Bloggers can be savage and merciless in exposing ill-informed or overly tactical approaches, and this is why (most but not all) PR agencies often get it wrong.

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May London Blog Club Meetup

This time London Blog Club regular Tamara of will speak on how she started her Michael Jackson fan blog and grew it from 0 to several thousands regular readers.

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Date: 10 May 2010
Location: Theodore Bullfrog, UK