Help Me Honda! Personalised Campaign Nets Good Vine-brations


Honda's campaign was simple: tweet the reasons you hate your old vehicle and use the hashtag #wantnewcar.

The car giant then responded to individual gripes with entertaining videos posted to Vine and embedded in the company's tweets. 

It was a big hit, but just how did they do it?

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The World’s Biggest Focus Group and How to Work It

focus group

Traditionally if a brand wanted to test a new campaign or product it might turn to in-store promotions, sampling activities and surveys, or it might organise a series of focus groups bringing people face-to-face to talk through their thoughts and opinions and gather valuable insights.

Now, in the social media age, it’s possible to cut out the legwork and project our new ideas online, utilising the immediacy and connectivity of Facebook® to formulate a virtual focus group, probably the world’s biggest and most efficient group imaginable.

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This Could be the Start of Something Big! - Making the Most of Email Welcome Campaigns

Stream:20 LogoThis blog post about Email Campaigns is brought to you by Dylan and Stream:20, who are recruiting an Email Consultant, see Chinwag Jobs for more information.

Would you turn up to a first date with a spare set of house keys to hand over?  Or immediately launch into conversation about which school to send your future children to?  Hopefully not.  There's a time and a place and that certainly isn't it.

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