10 Nov - Creators’ Rights In The Digital Landscape (6.30pm | London)

10 Nov - Creators’ Rights In The Digital Landscape This think tank considers the pressing issue of creators’ rights and remuneration in the digital landscape.

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Date: 10 November 2015
Location: 309 Regent St., UK

JUNE 25: Private Copy Exemption: Rightsholders And Remuneration | London | 18.30-21.00hrs

Drawing a stellar panel of experts in copyright and alternative compensation systemsfrom industry and academia - Private Copy Exemption: Rightsholders And Remuneration will consider how a levy system might effectively compensate rightsholders for private copying...

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Date: 25 June 2015
Location: Fyvie Hall, University of Westminster, UK

Securing compensation from social media-savvy IP Pirates

Levels of audience engagement with the sports content on pirate websites and opportunities for securing compensation from digital savvy IP pirates.

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Date: 25 October 2012
Location: Princess Marie Louise Suite, Oxford & Cambridge Club, UK

Freedom of Tweet: Censorship, Governments, Marketers & The Law

Online freedom is a hot topic: from individual users, to the corporate world, to governments and lawmakers the challenges are coming thick and fast. This global keynote interview features Mark Stephens CBE, one of the UK’s leading legal minds, a veteran of Wikileaks & Hackgate, reknowned for his take on global freedom of speech and censorship.

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Date: 14 February 2012
Location: Design Council, UK

CMU Training: Music Rights, Inside & Out

Music Rights Inside & Out provides an introductory guide to UK copyright law, with a particular focus on music rights. It looks at how music rights work - including compulsory and blanket licensing and collecting societies - and at how rights can be monestised. There is also an overview of the fight against online piracy.

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Date: 9 November 2011
Location: CMU, UK

Bootlaw: October 2010 - Using and abusing trademarks online

On 6th October 2010 we are delighted to welcome back Ian Silcock, an IP barrister at Hardwicke Chambers, to discuss the latest developments in the use (and abuse) of trademarks on the internet.

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Date: 6 October 2010
Location: Winston & Strawn, UK

Copyright And Shared Platform Advice For Artists And Designers

Are you an artist or designer producing original material? This event will provide copyright and shared platform advice in partnership with Arts Council England, North East.

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Date: 5 February 2010
Location: Conference Room One, Central Square, UK

Commercial Law Breakfast Seminar - Web Scraping: Business Tool or Data Theft

DMH Stallard’s Commercial Group are hosting a Breakfast Seminar for businesses which place a large amount of content online.

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Date: 21 October 2009
Location: DMH Stallard Offices, UK

Copyright or Wrong?

Make the most of the ideas, designs and campaigns that you produce for clients by understanding your copyright, trademark and intellectual property rights.

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Date: 13 October 2009
Location: DMA House, UK

First Tuesday: How to Protect Your Ideas

The changing economy has seen the number of patent applications jump off the page - your business is only as strong as its protection against competitors so what are you doing to protect what's yours?

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Date: 6 October 2009
Location: The Hospital Club, UK

Internet Librarian International 09

Internet Librarian International '09 is a conference focusing on information professional and their use of the internet as a vital tool. Workshops on 14 October, Conference on 15 & 16 October.

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Date: 14 October 2009
Location: Novotel London West, UK

How Not to Get Ripped Off

This seminar will offer a basic guide to the law, covering the steps any creative professional should take in order to stop somebody else stealing or otherwise using your work without your permission (including copyright, patenting, trade marks, licensing and design rights.)

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Date: 19 August 2009
Location: London College of Communication, UK

AOP IP and Copyright Forum: Who owns the content?

AOP’s forum on copyright and intellectual property on 20 November brings together legal experts to examine rights ownership behind online publishers’ businesses and its importance to their long-term success.

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Date: 20 November 2008
Location: IPC Media Offices, UK

Using third party software

What's the situation when someone develops a game or product based on third party software (with permission) i.e a "vanilla" product or engine that is made available for that purpose - then someone else comes along and uses it?

In true lawyer style I have to say it depends on what the licence terms of the "vanilla" software are.

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"How can I protect my idea?"

So someone asks - "how can I protect my idea?"

Someone else says "put it in an envelope and post it to yourself."

Someone responds that that does nothing and is useless.

What is the reality?

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