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Chinwag Psych Interview: Karen Pine "Breaking the Habit - The Professional Perks of Behavioural Flexibility."

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Getting ready for the Chinwag Psych conference next month? On May 9, a you can find out how neuroscience, machine learning and psychology are good for business. 

One of the speakers sharing knowledge is Professor Karen Pine. She’s an author, a founding director of Do Something Different and holds the post of Professor of Developmental Psychology at the University of Hertfordshire, so she knows a thing or two about how to motivate teams in business.

The underlying message for Do Something Different is learning by doing. So how does this apply to business? We had a chat with Karen about how changing your ways can help you professionally as well as personally.

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chinwag psych 9th may header

Professor Karen Pine is part of Chinwag Psych. She has previewed the event by talking about her project, Do Something Different.

I told a story recently about Mr. West, a teacher whose geography field trips consisted of him telling pupils, “Get as far away from this classroom as you can.”

My friend Jon was one of those pupils. At the age of 12 he and his mates hitchhiked 120 miles to Norwich. Mr West had told the boys to call him and reverse the charges. Yet when the operator announced the caller’s name and location, he refused the call.

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