Ale 2.0 House Party

Ale 2.0 is a meet up for people who work in digital who like real ale (and other drinks) We meet up once a month to talk about the digital comings and goings of the moment and to drink the best ale on the planet.

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Date: 3 June 2010
Location: Porterhouse, UK

ONA UK: Election Special

ONA UK invites you to an evening exploring the upcoming UK general election with three delectable guests: Terence Eden, Anthony Painter and Marcus Warren.

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Date: 13 April 2010
Location: Microsoft, MSN, UK

General Election: Will it be the Web Wot Won it?

It's been said that were it not for the internet, Barack Obama would not be President. Will the same be said of the next UK Prime Minister? With the general election fast approaching and political parties fighting for attention, NESTA asks: Will digital win the election?

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Date: 12 April 2010
Location: NESTA, UK

2010: The First New Media Election?

So will the 2010 election be the first British new media campaign? And what will the new role of new media mean for television, radio and the press. To discuss these fascinating and knotty issues, we have assembled an expert and entertaining panel under the sharp eye of Evan Davis.

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Date: 2 March 2010
Location: Oliver Thompson Lecture Theatre, City University London, UK