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Like it or Loathe it?


Facebook has relaxed the rules on page based competitions. We're all familiar with the ubiquitous "press like to win" and, for now at least, it's a legal and encouraged mechanism for building your fanbase. So what has changed?

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The Story Behind The Guardian's World-beating Facebook App

guardian app

In this guest post, Martin Belam, the man behind The Guardian Facebook App, explains the thinking behind the app and where he sees it leading both media companies and brands.

Last September, Facebook promised to forever change the face of sharing on the web, with the launch of new features of the Open Graph allowing apps to automatically share a users actions. Reception, it would be fair to say, was mixed. For publishers it presented an opportunity to vastly increase traffic and reach, whilst for some people it “ruined” sharing. Nine months on, what does the picture look like?

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