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Looking to Set Up in NYC? Take the H.E.L.M

lower manhattan

The history of New York City is interwoven with the growth and development of Lower Manhattan. Here, merchants landed from abroad bringing with them wares to spur a new economy. Here, traders gathered beneath a cherry tree to swap goods – actions that would lead to the establishment of a stock market.

More recently, $30 billion in infrastructure investment has attracted a new type of merchant – one that harnesses intellectual capital and creative ingenuity – and has brought thousands of new residents and businesses to Lower Manhattan.

To encourage growth, Take the HELM is looking to award four $250,000 cash grants to the following types of companies:

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Clojure eXchange 2012 NYC // October 1st

Immerse yourself in all things Clojure in this 1-day, intensive eXchange in NYC on October 1st. This eXchange welcomes Clean Code giant Uncle Bob Martin who will be joined by other leading experts in Clojure and related technologies.

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Date: 1 October 2012
Location: Skills Matter, UK