Digital Content Monetization West 2011

DCM West 2011 brings together the most senior strategists and decision-makers in Film, Sports, TV, Publishing, News, Games & Music to help you sort out the best short & medium term strategies for delivering revenue through digital content.

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Date: 21 June 2011
Location: Los Angeles, US


We want news:rewired to be an event for working journalists, trainees, journalism students and academics to learn new multimedia, social media and online skills from those with first-hand experience.

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Date: 14 January 2010
Location: City University London, UK

Amplified’s £1.40 Conference

The event will be a mixture of themed talks around the future of news and politics with plenty of opportunities to discuss and develop ideas – and as always we encourage you to document this as much as possible in whatever way works for you - audio, video, photos, tweets, live blogs...

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Date: 11 November 2009
Location: Thomson Reuters, UK

Digital Mission and Chinwag chat on air

Our very own Sam Michel, MD of Chinwag, has made it on to the radio - Blog Talk Radio to be precise - and it’s good to hear from him that “the Digital Mission is going incredibly well”.

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Sun Startup Essentials competition

The Future of Web Applications (FOWA) on the 3rd October is the premier showcase of new web technologies and emergent business trends. It’s the honey-pot event for European web professionals and attracts developers and creative types in spades.

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The British predilection for Twitter

A survey into social networks released in the last week by, the online marketing trends and research outfit, found marked differences between how social networks are used here and in the US. Most surprising of all is the accelerated growth of Twitter over the last year and its predicted growth for the coming year.

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Are blog comments the new black? is an insightful portal on the merits of digital marketing in it’s many guises. For small businesses marketing is tricky and can be pricey if you want any kind of innovation.

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BBC News Interactive moves centre-stage

In the words of Pete Clifton, the BBC’s head of News Interactive: “Online now drives tv content”.

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