Neuro, Psych and Machine Learning - a Quick and Dirty Primer

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Reading the Dictionary

The Chinwag Psych event is coming up on May 9th and there’s a whole host of interesting presentations lined up with people who are going to speak their mind about your brain and business.

The outline for the event is of course Psychology, Neuroscience and Machine Learning. But what exactly do we mean when we throw these words out and what would the connection be to business? I think the real question you might ask is - why is this relevant to me?

Here’s a quick and dirty guide to get you thinking.

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Digital Marketing Lessons from the US Election

US election

Not many people know this, but for twelve months in the early 90s, I was Neil Kinnock.

I was working as a copywriter for an agency that held the Labour Party account and it was my job to write all the long direct mail fundraising appeals on behalf of Mr Kinnock.

Our strategy was to build up the supporter base during the run up to the election and then send an unprecedented four mailings during the three weeks or so of run up to the election itself.

And actually, if I say it myself, the fundraising bit was fairly successful… the other bits of the campaign not so much.

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