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Yielding to my curious side, I had the opportunity to flee the office for the afternoon, and attend Chinwag Psych. With my background in PR I had no clue what to expect from a pyschology conference, but soon enough I was up to my knees in knowledge; learning about how neuroscience, behavioural psychology and machine learning could revolutionise media, marketing and business.

In case you missed out, I’ve put together a couple of highlights from the sessions I sat in on:

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Shop on the Hop: Mobile Commerce To Boom in 2013


Consumer confidence in mobile shopping is at an all-time high, with the majority of shoppers planning to buy Christmas gifts on their phones - 73% of whom have not done so before. Is this global phenomenon here to stay and what are the opportunities for forward-thinking advertisers?

As well as consumer trust in mobile shopping growing, around one in three customers are planning on spending over half of their festive budget via mobile, avoiding the traditional Christmas crush in favour of shopping on their own terms.

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Smart TV, Smartphones, Tablets, DAB, Facebook:  YouGov’s consumer technology predictions for 2012

Crystal Ball

YouGov, the most quoted research agency in the UK, today reveals its predictions for 2012 on people’s consumption and behaviour around Smart TV, smartphones, Facebook, digital newspapers and digital radio.

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50+ lists of digital predictions for 2009

2843731730_bb6f325081_m.jpgIt started out with a quick gander of // more

Chinwag Live: Xmas Futures, Crystal Balls?

As 2008 bows out, leading digital practitioners and analysts from the BBC, Weber Shandwick, Profero, BT, The Register and gaze into their crystal balls and predict the future.

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Date: 2 December 2008
Location: The Slug & Lettuce (Downstairs), UK

2008 Predict-a-thon Part 2

OK, so I thought I'd got some of the major predictions for the year. Deirdre's back in the office for half a day, and wallop, she's got a hole lot more to add to the list. And their corkers:

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2008 Predict-a-thon

The relative peace of these first three days back in the office has given me far too many opportunities to procrastinate on the rather impressive email mountain that's appeared in my inbox over the holidays. In a further, and I'd like to think, rather productive attempt to put off tackling this I cast an email out to the sages of the uk-netmarketing list hunting for 2008 predictions for digital media, either those they'd found online or, if brave enough, any of their own.

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