Simon Says: Twitter Needs These 3 Improvements

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I love Twitter. I never shy away from admitting I think it’s the best social media platform around at the moment and will continue to be so. Why? Well it knows it’s place online. It knows that people are only using a handful of sites every day so to be one of those sites you need to have content that brings people back.

Twitter is a great place to find things out but this post is more about the main three things that bug me about the platform.

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Simon Says: New Twitter is a Step in the Right Direction


Dear Jack,

Love the new twitter - I really do. Since I joined the website just over a year ago you've been my favourite way of actually networking online. You beat Facebook and LinkedIn by a country mile.

Almost over night you became my new discovery engine - I still argue Twitter has and will continue to have a massive impact on social bookmarking tools. And with the new app I have fallen in love with you all over again.

When you love something enough you see all of its faults. You just look past them and concentrate on what attracted you to the service. But seeing as you tweeted asking for suggestions on how you can improve I thought I would write you a letter.

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