Chinwag Psych Interview: Cat Jones, Unruly Media “Go Forth and Amplify.”

chinwag psych 9th may header

Chinwag Psych was a huge success, with a fantastic selection of great speakers sharing insights into how psychology, neuroscience and machine learning can open new avenues for business.

One of the day's speakers, Cat Jones, talks to Chinwag about her presentation.

As many of us online become accustomed to social sharing, it’s no surprise that there are practitioners looking into how it can be exploited.

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Social Media Week London: Introducing & Announcing SMWLDN Sept ’12 Hubs

With 180+ events taking place across London, it can sometimes be a little difficult to navigate and get between events. To aid this problem, this September we're introducing SMWLDN Hubs to London, where events topics and some of the best events will be grouped into venues during the week.

We're very excited to introduce five Hubs for this year's SMWLDN Sept '12 at some very cool venues, with more Hubs and their topics to be announced.

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