Is the press release dead? Join us for Breakfast, PR & Media at the Press Association (London) on 26th June

Join us for breakfast on "Is the press release dead?" at the Press Association (London) on 26 June. Topic: the state of the press release and everything in between from multimedia news releases to social media. Speakers include: Teilo Colley & Jim Grice-PA, Anna Averkiou, Louise Stewart-Muir-Say. Moderator: Simon Quarendon-Keene Communications

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Date: 26 June 2013
Location: Press Association, UK

60+ Social Tools You Can't Live Without...


Let's get to 100.

Is there one thing you can't live without? We want to know about it! No we don't mean chocolate, we mean social tools.

If you didn't know we are compiling a list of all the social tools the world and the web have to offer, we started it, people are adding to it and it is coming along beautifully.

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Tick Tock, SMWLDN is Coming Ready, Or Not.

SMW is coming...

Nine and a half weeks means two things to us: a movie that’s very missable and a deadline which definitely is not.

If you want to submit an event for Social Media Week London, you have until 2 August 2013. Right now we have 20 submitted events - let’s double that number. You need nothing more than an idea or a work in progress.

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Sharing is Caring - Help Us Make the Ultimate List of Social Tools.


We are in the process of curating a list of all the social tools the web and the world have to offer.

Two heads are better than one and loads of heads are awesome! We have started the list off but we need you to help us by submiting all the social tools that help you do all the things you do on a day to day basis.

We thought that it would be a list that would be helpful for everyone, so save it, share it and submit. You know you want to.

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CodeMaker by MiniBarLabs

One day coding course

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Date: 19 June 2013
Location: Mother London, UK

The Tech Business MiniMBA #5: Effective Marketing with Social Media

'The Tech Business MiniMBA #5: Effective Marketing with Social Media' presented by Margaret Gold, founder of The Mobile Collective and co-organiser of Over the Air.

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Date: 20 June 2013
Location: The Young Foundation, UK

Creating engaging, locally relevant and on-brand global content

Polkadot Global training workshop: how to create global content that is engaging, locally relevant and consistently on brand.

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Date: 26 June 2013
Location: The Hub, Kings Cross, UK

Looking for a New Job? Look No Further.

Will Work For Food

Chinwag's Careers Day at Digital Shoreditch is this Friday, May 24th to be exact. The companies are ready and waiting to find their next star employee. Grab yourself a ticket now, it's FREE.

Make the most of Friday, get the medical attention your cv needs at the surgery, wander upstairs for a workshop and catch a presentation in the main room, read the full agenda bellow.

The only thing left to do is introduce the final six companies exhibiting: Pharmiweb Solutions, Inspiring Interns, Harvest Digital, BrightLemon, Enternships, LGCH.

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Bunnyfoot training course: Designing for Persuasion

How to make sure your design and copy creates action and avoids procrastination

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Date: 9 July 2013
Location: Bunnyfoot office, UK

Share This Live

Standage’s talk will be supported by an expert panel of speakers from top UK and international brands, organisations and agencies including:

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Date: 11 July 2013
Location: Microsoft, UK

Three Cheers for Careers!


The Chinwag Careers Day at Digital Shoreditch is May 24th. That, people, is next week.

The agenda and workshops will be published soon, but let us introduce to you some more of the delightful companies looking for you to join them.

The location is the wonderful Modern Jago. Then we'd like you to meet three of the exhibitiors: Microsoft, BPS and Farfetch...

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#KittenCamp Vs BuzzFeed – Digital Shoreditch Special!

#KittenCamp Vs BuzzFeed in the ultimate viral showdown for Digital Shoreditch 2013. We'll also be joined by a host of awesome ad industry speakers, DJs and plenty of FREE beer!

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Date: 22 May 2013
Location: Cafe 1001, UK

Brand building in the digital age

Join POSSIBLE, Grey London and Wayne Hemingway of Hemingway Design for an informal evening of discussion around 'brand building in the digital age'.

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Date: 7 May 2013
Location: POSSIBLE offices, UK

CodeMaker by MiniBarLabs

A one day introductory coding workshop by MiniBarLabs

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Date: 16 May 2013
Location: Mother London, UK

Chinwag Psych: Simon White Interview "When Behavioural Economics meets Marketing Models"

chinwag psych 9th may header

Head Doctor

Got your ticket for the Chinwag Psych, May 9 event yet? If you don't want to miss out, you can grab yours here and get ready to find out about how machine learning, psychology and neuroscience can change the way you conduct business for the better.

One of our must-see speakers is Simon White, European Planning Chief at DraftFCB. 

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