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UKNM Roundup: 25-02-2000

Marketers vs. Programmers: Internecine war?
UK-Netmarketing Weekly Round-up - February 25, 2000

The UK-Netmarketing list has been around for over 2 years now - in fact its exact day of inception has been lost to the mists of new media time. So you can imagine that the lists' subscribers are a pretty eclectic bunch who have a wide range of disciplines between them.

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UKNM Roundup: 04-02-2000

High bandwidth, high expectation...
UK-Netmarketing Weekly Round-up - February 04, 2000

The announcement of the high-speed, �always on� ADSL service from BT was heralded by some as a milestone, which would bring great change for the new media industry. After a short trial, the service is being gradually rolled out across the UK, whilst the uptake in the US is much more dramatic. Following a question for users� experience, those lucky enough to be on the trial shared their experiences.

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UKNM Roundup: 21-01-2000

The domain name game...
UK-Netmarketing Weekly Round-up - January 21, 2000

Finding the right name for your business can be a difficult task. These days it's compounded by the difficulty in finding a domain name that fits as well. The whole issue was highlighted after a simple question from A. Amor, who wrote, "I would like to know your point of view regarding domain names marketing. I bought about 100 domains and I will try to sell them to ebusiness market. What is the best way to sell them?"

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UKNM Roundup: 14-01-2000

AOL/Time Warner behemoth to rule the new and old media worlds?
UK-Netmarketing Weekly Round-up - January 14, 2000

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UKNM Roundup: 29-10-1999

Long trek to a smile
UK-Netmarketing Weekly Round-up - October 29, 1999

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UKNM Roundup: 22-10-1999

Paxman's pearly Gates
UK-Netmarketing Weekly Round-up - October 22, 1999

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UKNM Roundup: 01-10-1999

UK-Netmarketing Weekly Round-up - October 01, 1999

The announcement by Nominet that the registration fee for domain names would be reduced from £20 to £5. This prompted a number of posts questioning why domain name registration companies haven't passed the discount on to their clients, with a number of people suggesting companies to try.

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