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Subject: Re: I know, I know.....
From: Dave Smith
Date: Thu, 30 Apr 1998 16:48:40 +0100

John Croteau wrote:

> BUT, even though JavaScript: works fine from HTML for Netscape 2+ and
> IE3+.
> It does NOT work when executed from within FLASH.


I see what you mean.
Tried your test site in both NS3 and IE3.


Ok, how about this?

My main page: "www.whatever.com" has an HTML button that calls up a
with no toolbars. In the pop up is my main .swf(main.swf) that has its
own navigator
created in Flash.

Now. In main.swf I have buttons that take you to different samples of my
flash work.
Since each sample is somewhere between 100 and 300 kps I cant have them
in main.swf.
It would make main.swf waaaay to large for DL.

What I wanted to do instead is have the main.swf call up a second pop up
containing each sample of my work.

Now, since IE3 cant read the Flash executed Javascript, would it be
possible to
control the original browser (frontpage(www.whatever.com and have that
browser call upon the HTML containing the samples?

Simple(?) breakdown:

www.whatever.com(HTML button=calls up pop up window containing main.swf)

Main.swf (containing button that calls upon example1.htm(containing
example1.swf) from the first browser containing www.whatever.com.

If anyone is lost and trying to help me out here, lemme know and Ill
create an illustration in PhotoShop to give you a better explanation of
what Im trying to do.

Dammit IE3!!

Does IE4 give this same problem? Since its a "Flash" problem cant it be
by MM? Is it still a problem with the Flash3 plug-in?

Thanks as alway, especially John C. for all of your help.


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