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Subject: Re: FLASH: PCville
From: Michael Dunn
Date: Fri, 28 Apr 2000 23:18:22 +0100

on 04.28.00 1.30p, Brian wrote:

>> PS. Hoping to afford a Win PC soon. (Yes, I'll be a part-time convert to
>> the Dark Empire, now that Billy boy is getting his balls kicked!! GO DOJ,
> GO
>> !!
> Trust me, Mats... I was one of the definitive Mac golden boys for a long
> time. I cut my computer teeth on them - I've used them for 13 years - I just
> adore the way they do things...
> ...except not being able to use software that doesn't exist for them.
> I finally got tired of this.

Funny this came up, because about 5 minutes ago I used a wintel for the
first time (my coworker loves 'em). I too grew up on mac and hate that we
get forgotten for software, etc. But I've been trying to stay true.

However, the prices are more attractive and the software is everywhere
(especially for designers and developers) and my son wouldn't know any

Anyway, just used it and I feel like I had an affair, cause it was so nice.
True multitasking (I was scanning and copying files at the same time!) and
it was fast!! Had a mac going at the same time and I scanned 5 pages in the
time it took the mac to scan 1. So, sorry Apple, but as soon as the loan on
my G3 is paid off (or maybe with my next bonus), you're gonna have one less
advocate unless things change quickly!


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