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Subject: FLASH: Re: OT: PCville
From: John Olson
Date: Fri, 28 Apr 2000 23:59:04 +0100

Most mainstream software is available for both Mac and PC, but
feature sets may vary between the two platforms (sometimes to the PC
benefit, sometimes to the Mac)...

As for speed, I dont see how the same scanner hooked to a PC can scan
5x faster... I would like to see that..

As for speed across any other application, the speeds between PC and
Mac are very similar. There are tons of speed tests out there to
prove this fact.

As for price, you really get what you pay for.. Yes.. you can go out
and buy a sub $1000 PC running a 750mhz PIII.. but you will
sacrifice quality on your other components.

For about $2000, you can get a well setup PC running quality
components .. and you can go out and buy a good G4 Mac with the same

As for multitasking... true Apple doesnt do true preemptive
multitasking.. but neither does Windows98 or 95. WinNT and Win2k
do.. and OS 10 will when its released this fall..

Basically, pick your tool based upon what you are familiar with and
most comfortable. But dont jump without weighing the options...
When you jump platforms, you arent just buying a new computer, you
are buying all new software..and you are also going to take on the
added responsibility of supporting that new platform.

....just a few nuggets of info to think about......


>Funny this came up, because about 5 minutes ago I used a wintel for the
>first time (my coworker loves 'em). I too grew up on mac and hate that we
>get forgotten for software, etc. But I've been trying to stay true.
>However, the prices are more attractive and the software is everywhere
>(especially for designers and developers) and my son wouldn't know any
>Anyway, just used it and I feel like I had an affair, cause it was so nice.
>True multitasking (I was scanning and copying files at the same time!) and
>it was fast!! Had a mac going at the same time and I scanned 5 pages in the
>time it took the mac to scan 1. So, sorry Apple, but as soon as the loan on
>my G3 is paid off (or maybe with my next bonus), you're gonna have one less
>advocate unless things change quickly!

John J. Olson

Multimedia Specialist
Maricopa Advanced Technology Education Center

phone (480) 517-8664
fax (480) 517-8669

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