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Subject: FLASH: OT: This thread, was JC's book
From: Russell E. Unger
Date: Mon, 30 Aug 1999 18:50:04 +0100

Okay, folks...

The threads starting to get a bit stretched. I know John is probably quite
pleased with the response, as he certainly should be, however, if you have
these types of personal requests, send them to him privately via the email
address he lists in his posts so that he can respond to them at his
discretion and we can be further considerate of our "long distance" users who
pay for the access in much different rates than the state-side users do.

Since I have perused the rest of what was quoted, I'm still rather interested
to know why this keeps coming up from my own messages.

Pieter, if you have had any problems or comments, you have--more than
once--been given my personal email address ( rungeratzaxcoms [dot] com ) in which
you can feel free to send me your messages. I see no reason why anything
else needs to be brought to life here.

I will touch-base on the "fighting" topic. There is no intention to "fight"
here. There is an intention to observe problems, explain the problems, test
some of the thoughts brought to life and to attempt to resolve the problems
for everyone's benefit. There have been more than one of these in the past,
and the intention is never disrespect, but to correct problems for the
greater good of the community. Take that as you will; a lot of discussion
here is simply opinion, as well.

If you wish to call that fighting, that's fine. To me, however, I would call
fighting personal attacks based-upon a request for comments that did not
generate a satisfactory response from persons. That's just me; as always, I
could be wrong.

If we need to discuss any of this Pieter, I'm happy to, but off-list.

Thank you,

"Olwage, Pieter" wrote:

> hehhe.. i missed this one .. but if you okes wanna discuss one another ..
> Why not start a Flash Chat Room (IRC maybe) .. so you can fight in "real
> time" :) Let's keep this mailing list to NEWS and Questions ;)
> BTW ... if this book come out ... I WANT a copy! ... John Croteau's has
> always been REAL helpful here :)
> Will ya mail a copy to SA John? :))
> "Russell E. Unger" wrote:
> > I'm going to stop drinking wine with dinner before I start
> > to cry and have fights with my cat on my wireless keyboard.
> That is one of the most considerate things I have ever seen anyone post.
> Well, about me anyway. You're a gem, Russ. Don't let anyone tell you
> otherwise.
> Mira asked me to tell you purrrrrrrrrr.
> --WthmO, late in unsubbing here but really meaning it for now...

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  RE: FLASH: Croteau's Flash 4 book availa, Olwage, Pieter

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