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Subject: Re: FLASH: FS command not working in Netscape!
From: Nigel Randsley-Pena
Date: Tue, 31 Aug 1999 00:37:10 +0100


You missed one probable cause in your answer, please go to your desk and
copy 10 times the Macromedia tech note # 13997 ;).
Also on the matter of multi line text fields, this could nearly give
another tech note.
If you use formmail with Flash4 to submit data from Flash forms to an
email address then frommail will fail with certain browsers and OS's.
There's a simple explanation for this, formmail does a search for '\n'
as a process of locating multiline textfields and forgets to do the
proper '\r' search. This will lead to a common 'missing line sindrome'
in submited form data that comes from forms with multiline textfields.
I have a substitute for formmail that is adapted to flash, called
flashmail, that I will be releasing in a day or two, just let me finish
the docs on it. It is written in perl so if you're using formmail you
just do a simple replacement of cgi scripts.


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  Re: FLASH: FS command not working in Net, John Dowdell

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