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Subject: FLASH: Flash_droptarget
From: Robert Lewis
Date: Tue, 31 Aug 1999 08:11:01 +0100

Can anyone help get this idea to work? I want to be able to drag MC Match1
to MC Fuse. Dragging match over Fuse causes Fuse to play. I've gotten it to
work by placing a button over Fuse, but would rather use _droptarget.

On (Roll Over)
Start Drag ("/Match1")
If (_droptarget eq "/Fuse")
Go to and Play ("Lightfuse")
End If
End On
On (Release Outside)
Stop Drag
End On

A rough version of this is at http://www.biggs-gilmore.com/flash/ if you're



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  Re: FLASH: Flash_droptarget, lasse

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