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Subject: Re: FLASH: New Media OpEd pushes Flash- opinions?
From: Robert Koberg
Date: Tue, 31 Aug 1999 07:25:02 +0100

> I'd like to see someone create a flash site in straight html using java or
> whatever.

Maybe I am having difficulty with your english, but I think it would be
difficult to create a flash site in anything other than Flash and that is
kind of my point. Anyway check out:

>Not much fun if you ask me, staring at lines of code.

some of us think it is fun and we get payed well for it

> >Flash is owned my macromedia who has shown repeatedly bad decision
> >HTML is not owned. It is governed by standards organizations (developers
> >engineers not marketing pinheads).
> Who doesn't make mistakes? The "philanthropist" overseeing html standards,
> microsoft, apple (was almost bankrupt - hello top selling i-mac), ohh yeah
> that's right Adobe doesn't make mistakes.

I would trust that my best interest would be served by the standards groups
(5th gen browsers look good) way before I would trust my best interest to
Macromedia. That being said I trust neither. I study the different
technologies for myself so I can make informed decisions. I use the right
tool for the job. I don't use an electric jig-saw when I have to cut a
dowel. (by the way, what is your point about the iMacs - I am totally
missing any connection)

Don't let me stop you from using FLash only. It is your prerogative. You do
realize the web (which was what the original question was about) is made up
of html (that surrounds Flash at times), don't you???... Browsers will get
better, you know.

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