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Subject: Re: FLASH: New Media OpEd pushes Flash- opinions?
From: Marco Alvarado
Date: Tue, 31 Aug 1999 13:52:51 +0100

>Maybe I am having difficulty with your english, but I think it would be
>difficult to create a flash site in anything other than Flash and that is
>kind of my point.

Okay, maybe my English will read clearer and perhaps my profound and
obscure message conveyed.

What I mean is: I'd like to see a site that does what Flash does and allows
the "programmer" the ease of developing it.

> >Not much fun if you ask me, staring at lines of code.
>some of us think it is fun and we get payed well for it

I'm sure you do and that is great, however you are not the majority. The
gap will continue to decrease. Maybe this is the issue.

>I would trust that my best interest would be served by the standards groups
>(5th gen browsers look good) way before I would trust my best interest to
>Macromedia. That being said I trust neither. I study the different
>technologies for myself so I can make informed decisions. I use the right
>tool for the job. I don't use an electric jig-saw when I have to cut a
>dowel. (by the way, what is your point about the iMacs - I am totally
>missing any connection)
How about the group developing the standards for SVG. Those should come out
any day now. Ohh, but wait Flash is the standard. Some talk and some do,
I'd rather participate.

The i-mac point was that apple was in trouble. Maybe not going out of
business, but pretty darn close to it, regardless, it was a dark time at
Apple a couple of years ago. The board made some poor decisions, but they
are making things work for them. Not doing something for fear of error is
not my idea of forward thinking. "Success is failure turned inside out, the
silver lining to the clouds of doubt, so stick to the fight, its when you
are hardest hit that you must not quit." That's essentially what I meant by
referencing the i-macs.

>Don't let me stop you from using FLash only. It is your prerogative. You do
>realize the web (which was what the original question was about) is made up
>of html (that surrounds Flash at times), don't you???... Browsers will get
>better, you know.

Sorry, I don't use Flash only. I use all the Macromedia tools.
Additionally, I use Adobe, Apple, Microsoft and other vendor products. For
online publishing it just so happens that Macromedia has developed the best
tools. Please refer me and those who might be reading this message to your
choice of web development tools, and point us to the error free decision
making company that develops them.

The original question as my poor english interpreted, was along the lines of:

What does Flash offer that html doesn't. (list the benefits, just a few)

I think I've addressed your question.

Best of luck to you.

Please bear in mind that I'm pointing out the opinions you asked for. I'll
gladly read your points but perhaps the list is not a good place for us to
continue this.

Feel free to e-mail me at marcoatclemson [dot] edu

A final point, I'm far from an expert and I have no programming nor
computer background.
I am, however, able to design, develop, and deliver for a medium that has
become paramount in our culture. So are five year olds and its scary to
some. Job security is very important, to some, I guess.

The real final point. There will always be a need for programmers. Flash 4
would is most effective when utilized by a team of individuals from
different disciplines are working together. (programmer, designer, sound
dude, gui, animator, ect..) Everyone can contribute to on-line communications.

Take care flashers


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