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Subject: Re: FLASH: New Media OpEd pushes Flash- opinions?
From: Yann
Date: Tue, 31 Aug 1999 15:37:59 +0100

>Here's a few benefits not yet mentioned:
>Flash is easier for a beginner to understand than HTML, even with the
>WYSIWYG editors.
I really don't agree on this, I been teaching flash to some people and
it's harder for them to get how flash work. They can't seem to get how
tweening work and most of the time when they succed they don't understand
how they did it (but they are exception, some people get it rigth aways,
I know I did). Compare to when I sit so in from of Dreamweaver, after 30
min they got a web site going and they understand how it works.

>Scalabitlity - At Ucon there was a Flash demo on a Palm Pilot!
That the biggest plus can see :-

>Fewer compatibility problems. Sort of.
Compatibility works great if you go from Pc to Mac or vice versa, it'S
when you go from Netscape to IE that you start pulling you're hair out
and that happen with HTML also.

>No wizards to help make our animations.
Yeah but you got librairy with some free (all seen before) symbole to get
you going.

Never forget the Flash is a high end tool, it should not be use by uncle
Joe building a web site about is gold fish. It should be use for big
site that need professionnal designer. And I think's that why Html is
here to stay and that flash will only enhance it, WYSIWYG are great for
people who want to be part of the web community and Flash is great for us
the big strong and all migthy DESIGNER (sorry for the shouting, just seem
like a fun thing to do :-)

Well that's my humble opinion


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