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Subject: Re: FLASH: FS command not working in Netscape!
From: John Dowdell
Date: Tue, 31 Aug 1999 21:43:45 +0100

At 7:00 PM 8/30/99, Matthew Doyle wrote:
>It's still not working, even after placing the "name" tag in the appropriate
>place. I'm scowering the web for answers. If anyone has any idea why this
>isn't working, I'd appreciate it.

After you confirmed that your browser can support this communication? The
one-or-all movies test would lead you to the Hawaii demo... this is a
known-to-be-good sample that can be used to test your browser.

Have you yet tried to pass a simple message from one object to another?
About once every two weeks here someone tries to control another window as
their first task... one-or-all messages could help identify this.

Instead of writing "it don't work" to everyone, after you use the
troubleshooting approaches in the technotes, then what finer-grained
problem does it actually become?


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