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Subject: FLASH: info on my first flash: from the newbie
From: roadrunner
Date: Tue, 29 Dec 1998 01:34:55 GMT

Hi all,
I did my first Flash page. VERY basic. Only been using Flash 3 for two
days. Thanks for all the advice from the people here. One of the kindest
group of people I've found on an email list.
There seems to be a problem with the Gelardi Design logo. As it places
itself in the lower right hand corner I see all types of raggedness on the
outline of the design then it clears up just before it move upwards and
scales down and places itself to the right of the phrase "multi-image motion
graphics". Can someone explain to me why. The page is running off my home
server at http://www.libmansworld.com/Gelardi/gelardi.html
As a note sometimes the logo works just fine. I was wondering if it had
something to do with the speed of my computer. I am running allot on a my
relatively slow machine, 133, by today's standards.
Greg Landry
Founder of Libmansworld: A Haven for Libertarians
Housed at http://www.libmansworld.com
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