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Subject: Re: FLASH: From the newbie: RE Shape Tweening by Ken
From: Kenneth C. Sherwood
Date: Tue, 29 Dec 1998 01:35:05 GMT

Dorian Nisinson wrote:

> It does not matter where you create the art you want to shape tween.
> You can draw it in Flash or Freehand or Illustrator. The important
> factor is that the art NOT be a symbol AND that the image be fairly
> simple or broken down into simple pieces, each piece on its own layer.

This is (welcome) news to me.

How does one determine *how* "fairly simple" the artwork must be? Is there some
rule of thumb for this? Is copy and paste adequate for transfering artwork from
FreeHand to Flash?

[Going back to *my* original task, which was to convert about twenty letters to
paths, and then morph each one into the next, it seems to me (after further
consideration) to be best done in FreeHand . . . each letter-to-letter morph
("blend") occupying several layers on one page in FreeHand, and the entier
transition from beginning to end occupying about 20 pages, then export the whole
deal to Flash.]


Ken Sherwood

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