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Subject: FLASH: Flash Standlone Player is Infected with AOL PASSWORD STEALER trojan hoarse
From: Rohit
Date: Thu, 30 Dec 1999 10:05:27 GMT

I've just updated my symantec norton anti virus defination files from
24/12/99 to todays defination 46671 and after that when i run my flash
movie from stand alone player it popped up displaying the following message
stating that my flash standalone player is infected .Please check it

Virus Information

Virus name: PWSteal.Trojan
Aliases: AOL Password Stealer PWSteal.Trojan.B
Infects: .EXE files
Likelihood: Rare
Length: 1234 bytes


Memory resident No Triggered event No
Size stealth No Encrypting No
Full stealth No Polymorphic No

This is not a virus BUT a Trojan Horse program. DELETE this file!
This program will send your password via email to its author. It is
loaded via the WIN.INI [LOAD] or [RUN] line, or Windows Registry

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