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Subject: Re: FLASH: Trouble: Brush size due to ATM
From: Ken Sherwood
Date: Fri, 1 Dec 2000 00:31:01 GMT

on 11/30/00 12:38 PM, -kingcarrot- . at wownflutterathotmail [dot] com proffered:

> Yes, this problem was indeed caused by a conflict between ATM 4.5 and system
> 9.0.4.
> I turned off the ATM and Reunion and the problem is gone.
> Is there any way to use them, the ATM and Flash 4, together?


I'm running OS 9.0.4, Flash 4.0a, and ATM 4.6 (version 4.6.1), and CANNOT
replicate your problem. So it seems to me you need to either upgrade to
4.0a, if you don't have it, or grab ATM 4.6.

... *scratch* part of that; I just found a copy of Flash 4 (non-"a"), and
still can't replicate yer prob, so you must need ATM 4.6.

If THAT doesn't do it for you, it must be a Reunion problem -- I'm not
running Reunion.

BTW I'm using the freebie version of ATM, not the Deluxe.


Ken Sherwood


No Hurries No Worries.


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