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Subject: RE: FLASH: NS6
From: Kristopher Wainwright
Date: Fri, 1 Dec 2000 06:37:02 GMT

I had seriously considered DL'ing NS 6 but then I
didn't for the same reason that I will not buy/install
Windows ME .... I'd rather wait until the bugs are
worked out than have it crash my system .... both 95
and 98 work well, just like NS 4.76 and IE 5.5, and
even if I had resources like Dan does, I still
wouldn't put something on any one of my systems that
would cause it to "possibly" have problems.

Let's face it .... I'd rather work on Flash than
reload my OS.

[ Hey Dan, can I borrow one or two ??? ;-) ]

Kris Sends .....

--- JGL <infoatdesignthenet [dot] com> wrote:
> Dan said:
> >>>I will not put v.6 Netscape on my PC's
> You should install it on atleast one of those pcs
> you rattled off . . .
> there's a lot of quirks going on w/v.6 (as you
> obviously know)and people are
> downloading, using it and trying to view sites you
> made. Also, downloading a
> flashplayer with NS6 is a very inconsistent
> experience.
> Now do you just want to ignore NS6 imprprieties or
> see what your stuff looks
> like to a NS6 user thus redirect-warn-adjust
> accordingly.
> Asking someone to DL a 300k Flash player is one
> thing, but to advise they
> need to DL a multi MB browser that's compatible is
> entirely different.
> I guess the question continues to remain - what will
> you do with your
> outcast visitors? Is it worth providing them with
> alternate/veiwable content
> or is it not in your sites plans best interest to do
> so.
> The browser wars continue . . . :(
> jgl

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  Re: FLASH: NS6, Thorvald Neumann

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