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Subject: Re: FLASH: Organic flash: 2 great examples
From: Kurt Dommermuth
Date: Fri, 1 Dec 2000 17:58:50 GMT

> > http://brittle-bones.com/
>I'm sorry... was I supposed to be able to read that teeny-tiny gray type
>font against those black backgrounds?
>Yeah, Nielsen is right in some regards.
>Didn't stay.
> > http://cmart.design.ru/ the piece called "desperanzza" just about broke my
> > heart.
>I guess I just wasn't in the mood for artsy-fartsy stuff.
>Especially depressing artsy-fartsy stuff.
>My opinion only.

You're right. that text is way too small, but in my humble opinion,
brittle-bones is *Art* and I don't think the same design rules apply to it
as they would to a Yahoo or Amazon. There should be no rules at all.

In any case, if you had stayed your probably wouldn't have liked the 'art'
either. That is understandable too. It is not easy stuff to
ingest. Besides, our lifes are busy enough as they are and who has time to
contemplate the musings of another? Especially when it isn't too
rosy? Frankly, I seldom do (though I ask others to ingest my musings all
the time). I consider myself lucky though, that last night for a few
hours I was receptive. As a human being, my heart raced and I could relate
to some pretty hairy angsting that a fellow human was enduring. As a flash
designer/programmer, because i realize more an more that I'm getting
downright sick of vector graphics and my eyes were opened to an alternative
way to use flash. The computer is so cold as it is.

For me, (and yes i want it to be for you too dammit) the value was that
maybe these two sites will help my own flash style evolve and even more
amazingly my understanding of myself. Pretty grand and melodramatic, but
real, to me, nonetheless. at least for a little while.

Okay. Now I'm sounding like a drama queen. Strangely, I recognize how
distasteful this will all be to many folks who may read it, yet I send it
anyway. !?

thanks for the venue.


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