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Subject: RE: FLASH: New member
From: Tracy
Date: Sun, 24 Dec 2000 20:59:16 GMT

<It may be best for you to find someone to help you whi speaks your

Did I miss something here? Did you try to explain something repeatedly and
then suggest that there may be a language barrier? Or did you not
understand that Liem wants the text to appear as if you were watching it
being typed in on a typewriter?

Or did you merely take the time and energy to post something that serves no
purpose other than being offensive and exclusionary, and did not even do
Liem the courtesy of addressing his/her question?

Racism is alive and well, and takes many guises: some of them quite subtle.
I live in an extremely culturally diverse city <Miami> - I have a lot of
experience at dealing with other cultures and languages, and I have no
patience for racism. Zero. None. And I darned well take it on it when I
see it!

I'm crystal clear what Liem has communicated. It sounds like a very basic
question. Even I have a suggestion, and I know terribly little about flash.
That's why I lurk.

I also communicate in a language that is not my native tongue. I know the
effort that it takes for Liem to meet us on our ground, instead of asking us
to meet on his, and that kind of attitude just chaps me. Just as it would
chap me blue to have my Cuban step-children tell me to just not bother
trying to talk to them and to go away and talk to somebody who "speaks <my>
language" without even giving me a fair chance.

By the way, Liem; Welcome to the Flash list.

It seems to me like you would just have each letter appear in later frames,
while making sure that previous letters continue to appear. <And that has
exhausted my understanding of Flash <lol>!>

Happy Holidays,

> Hello, I'm new member here.
> My name Liem. I ask anyone who can helping me.
> I want to create effect typewriter (every single character show one by
> How to create it? I'm confuse.
> Thank's before to anyone who answer this mail.

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  Re: FLASH: New member, Andrew Le Sage

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